Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How do you like them apples...

So, I took my two year old to Bristol Farms, a local grocery store, a couple days ago to get a few things. We started off by going to the meat counter and he helped me order a pound of turkey and a third of a pound of salami (both of which he loves to eat). Next, we both walked to the fruit section to get some grapes and honey crisp apples.

For those of you that have never been to Bristol Farms, it is the type of grocery store that prides itself on having pristine displays of their products. He was in a pretty good mood and was saying random things as we were walking, like "Happy Holidays" and "People walking around". He was standing in front of the apple section as I walked off to get a plastic bag. He was facing a giant wall of apples and decided to pick one that was second from the bottom. Luckily nothing fell. So, thinking we were safe, I proceeded to pick some apples from the top of the bunch and all of a sudden about 20 apples came toppling down like dominoes to the ground. At this point, my son had left the scene of the crime, leaving me to pick up all the apples off the floor and put them back. Since my son is only 23 months old, I ran to get him and brought him back to the scene of the crime and continued to frantically pick them up. I finally picked them up and realized that I had not selected my apples. I tried carefully to pick just a few, but more apples toppled to the ground.

Witnessing my ordeal, but not having my son's sabotage, some smart-aleck lady jokingly said, "You didn't try to pick one from the bottom did you?" I tried to be quick on my feet and I told her that they were booby trapped. I finally got my apples and proceeded to the grapes. The sweet revenge was when the same lady tried to get some apples, the rest of what was left of the display fell to the ground. I looked over and laughed.

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  1. Now that is sweet revenge!! I'm not sure why-- But I always like to see what people posted first!!