Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lemonade invented in August

To celebrate the first day of August, I thought I'd share this tidbit about half of my favorite drink - lemonade. (I'm an Arnold Palmer fan and appreciate a good lemonade in my lemonade and iced team combination). Lemonade was served for the very first time in August in Paris. In honor of lemonade's birthday, we're setting up our lemonade stand - (the little one in the photo) and probably going to drink all the profits. You should, too! You can find all kinds of unique (ginger, Italian, minty) and traditional lemonade recipes on the Food Network site or by clicking here:

Youth Olympic Games

Okay, so we're usually a little behind when we announce interesting events, but we read about this one and thought it'd be fun to keep an eye out for. Starting August 14th 14 to 18 year-old will participate in the inaugural Youth Olympics Games. Similar to the Olympics you've come to know and love, this event will be held in Singapore and will include 12 days, 3,600 competitors and 370,000 spectators. Although many think these games are not necessary - after all, skater Tara Lipinski took gold in the Olympics when she was only 15 years-old, Michael Phelps collected eight medals before the age of 20, the youngest gold medalist ever was American diver Marjorie Gestring who took a gold at the age of 13. No doubt the talent will be there and we'll be watching.

Why do kids always get sick at night?

Last night we met up with our neighbors and their three year old. We had errands to run and thought it'd be more fun if we did them together. We went to the library, the grocery store and even the ice cream shop. The entire time, our kids played together, running around, pushing the mini shopping cart's and dropping books in the book slot. We had no idea that just two hours later - and for the rest of the night - literally all night long - we'd be up fighting explosions emanating from all parts of our child. Why does it always seem like all is well and then in no time, things can change dramatically - and usually at night? Is there some parenting God that is trying to teach us a lesson? "I'll show them what tired is....I'll show them what worry is...."

It's the most helpless feeling to have. It's in the middle of the night, our child is vomiting and pooping nonstop, crying and with a temperature. We're tired, worried, trying to guess how to fix things. I remind my wife about the BRAT diet thinking it solves our problems, and yet after making toast, slicing a banana, and heating up left over rice, our child doesn't even take a bite. One of us takes to sitting with our child while the other changes the bed and towels for the 4th time. Nothing is improving our child's mood or ours. My wife and I are united in the need to help our son get better and yet snapping at each other each moment we have...I know everyone who is a parent goes through do you cope? How have you handled nights like this? Recommended treatments or distractions? How do you stay a nice person when you are tired and worried? And why do kids only get sick at night?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cooper - Domestic Dog Released into the Wild

The news is all abuzz about the humane society that turned away a domesticated dog thinking it was a wild, sick coyote. The dog was then set into the wild. The 11 year old owner is said to have cried nonstop. I understand how the mistake could have been made, but come on. I hope they find the dog before anything happens to him. Read more here...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Circle of Life - From Catepillars to Butterflies

One week ago, the local Kidspace Museum hosted a celebration of bugs...ladybugs, ants, spiders, oh my! They also talked about life cycles and handed out small caterpillars to everyone who wanted one. Over the past week our Caterpillar has begun to spun it's cocoon. So, we moved it out of the small container it was in and into a large shoebox with air holes and a cover. We are not sure how long before it becomes a butterfly, but we're on butterfly watch 2010. We'll upload photos of the cocoon as soon as I find the camera my three year old hid somewhere in the house.

Cool Sustainable Tourist Destinations

Okay, as a full time dad of a three year old, chances are great that I'm not getting to these places anytime soon, but I thought I'd share some cool sustainable destinations for the fun of it....

Whistler, British Columbia - take a zip line past rebuilt salmon habitats and hiking trails.

Queensland, Australia - help scientists research climate change in the rain forest.

New Forest, England - auto-free tourism villages have you sharing the road with cows and ponies

Guanacaste,Costa Rica - Protect and help leather back sea-turtle eggs.

For now, I'll pitch a tent and grow zucchini in my back yard....

When Baby Goes Poo in the Bathtub

Our son has been rocking the potty training. As soon as we shifted from diapers to underwear, he was ready to go in the potty. We had great pride that we had not had any incidence until two nights ago.

Every night before bath time I have my son try to go to the bathroom before lifting him into the bath. Two nights ago, he went before bath. However, 20 minutes later, in the bath, we had our own personal "Caddyshack" scene. We quickly took our son out of the bath, as well as the unexpected surprise and explained to our son why it's not a good thing to do. While my wife dried and dressed my son, I scrubbed our tub.

I have to believe we're not the only ones this has happened too, right??

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Home Gardens - is your soil full of lead?

So a few weeks ago, I decided to come up with a few projects that my three year old and I could do together in the yard during summer. He helped me clean the gutters (he stayed on the ground with a little sweeper), replaced the light bulbs (he handed me the new light bulbs) and we planted a vegetable garden. To my amazement (and lack of green thumb) we planted the seeds about one month ago and we already have zucchini the size of my shoe! We were thrilled to pick them and eat them as part of our attempt to get our child to eat veggies when a friend of ours asked if we tested the soil. Test the soil? Who thinks of that? We just wanted to do a fun I have to test the soil. Well, she got us thinking...we did plant the garden next to the garage, but it was in our backyard - and we're sure that it's been a backyard at least since the 1920's when the house was built. Well, now I'm paranoid, so we're sending the soil off - and not eating the veggies just yet. We're sending the soil to Timberleaf Soil Testing out of Murrieta, CA. Apparently you put some soil in a ziploc bag and send it off. For about $60 they'll test for all sorts of bad for you items like lead and arsenic and other things. I've been told they get back to you in less than one week - maybe in time for us to eat our veggies! We'll let you know the fate of our garden as soon as we know!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Colorado St. Bridge Celebration: Pasadena, CA

Here's a post I found about the Colorado St. Bridge party in Pasadena. We went a few years ago and it was great. Great food and some good walking around.

KTLA Morning News Anchor, Michaela Pereira will host this year’s event
From STAFF REPORTSPublished: Sunday, July 4, 2010 4:02 PM
A Celebration on the Colorado Street Bridge will be presented by Pasadena Heritage from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm on July 10, on the historic Colorado St. Bridge in Pasadena. This summer party is guaranteed to be full of enjoyment with a range of activities for all ages, including cookie decorating and face painting, vintage car displays, music and food.
KTLA Morning News Anchor, Michaela Pereira will host this year’s event.
A Celebration the Colorado Street Bridge is an annual fundraising event of Pasadena Heritage, the second largest historic preservation organizations in the state. Funds raised support the organization’s education and advocacy programs throughout the year.
Discounted advance ticket prices: Pasadena Heritage member: $12 adults, $5 children (7-12 years), children 6 and under free. Non member: $13.50 adults, $6.50 children (7-12 years) , children 6 and under free
Day of event ticket prices: $15 Adults, $7 children (7-12 years), children 6 and under free
To purchase tickets or for more information contact Pasadena Heritage at (626) 441-6333 or visit our website