Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why do kids always get sick at night?

Last night we met up with our neighbors and their three year old. We had errands to run and thought it'd be more fun if we did them together. We went to the library, the grocery store and even the ice cream shop. The entire time, our kids played together, running around, pushing the mini shopping cart's and dropping books in the book slot. We had no idea that just two hours later - and for the rest of the night - literally all night long - we'd be up fighting explosions emanating from all parts of our child. Why does it always seem like all is well and then in no time, things can change dramatically - and usually at night? Is there some parenting God that is trying to teach us a lesson? "I'll show them what tired is....I'll show them what worry is...."

It's the most helpless feeling to have. It's in the middle of the night, our child is vomiting and pooping nonstop, crying and with a temperature. We're tired, worried, trying to guess how to fix things. I remind my wife about the BRAT diet thinking it solves our problems, and yet after making toast, slicing a banana, and heating up left over rice, our child doesn't even take a bite. One of us takes to sitting with our child while the other changes the bed and towels for the 4th time. Nothing is improving our child's mood or ours. My wife and I are united in the need to help our son get better and yet snapping at each other each moment we have...I know everyone who is a parent goes through do you cope? How have you handled nights like this? Recommended treatments or distractions? How do you stay a nice person when you are tired and worried? And why do kids only get sick at night?

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