Monday, June 15, 2009

A toddler vacation in Las Vegas?

Yes, although hard to believe, it may be possible. If you need or want to head to Las Vegas for any reason, I’d like to recommend the Loews Hotel at Lake Las Vegas.

The Loews is known as a child-friendly hotel so I am sure you are thinking what I was thinking – a “used and abused” hotel that we parents just have to deal with for the weekend so that our children can have a good time. However, I am happy to report this was not at all the case with this property. The hotel was sophisticated enough to allow me and my wife to feel as if I were on vacation (amenities from Lather, a store my wife frequents in Pasadena), but kid-friendly enough that our toddler had a great time, too. Here were some amazing child friendly amenities we got to experience that are regularly part of the hotel’s offerings:

- Upon arrival, kids are greeted with magna doodles

- The kid pool is huge, elegant, clean and heated. It comes with a fun water slide that is fast enough for older kids to enjoy, but slow enough for a parent to descend with their toddler. They offer noodles, floatation devices, etc. for anyone to play with throughout the day.
- There is a small beach area with toys for building sand castles, next to paddle boats and kayaks.
- At night they have a beach bonfire and sell smores kits complete with sticks, graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows.
- Throughout the summer, they show kids movies in the pool area as well. They were showing Monsters Inc. when we were there.
I should mention that we got a great rate at - cheaper than what the hotel was offering.

Las Vegas is the last place I’d think about taking my toddler, but we had to go this past weekend to meet a former colleague of mine and ended up having a great time.

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