Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flu Shot & H1N1 Shot

Tis the season to get sick. My toddler just got over a rough case of the flu. It all started last weekend when he wouldn't eat anything. That was the first tell right there because my boy is an eater. He was taking his afternoon nap and about an hour into it, he woke up crying and his cheeks were red. He had a high temperature and wasn't doing well. I picked him up, he started coughing, and he threw up all over the front of my shirt. Bummer. I cleaned us both up and finally got him to drink some water and Gatorade.
We took him to the doctor on Monday and they didn't find anything other than the flu. No swine flu, no strep throat, or anything else. The doc said it needed to run its course. My son doesn't like the doctor too much, but he did a great job. He listened and the doctor was able to perform all the tests.

Trouble began to brew when the nurse came in for some follow up items. They wanted to test the protein levels in his body because he was a little puffy. In order to do this, they needed to attach a plastic bag to him so he could pee in it. Bad idea. Kicking and screaming ensued. We finally got it on him and they said we needed to wait until he peed in it. Fortunately for us, there was an elevator in the office, so I proceeded to ride it with him for about 20 minutes. We should have been collecting tips because we were pressing the buttons for everyone. As long as you tell him which button to press, 1, 2, or 3, he's pretty good about not pressing anything else. The nice part about all of that was that there were many elderly people riding that day to the third floor and they got a nice smile from my boy's willingness to help and press buttons. Finally he went to the bathroom and we went home. We were there for 2 hours, the longest doctor visit he has ever had.

So, now the reason for the post. Since everyone and their kids are getting sick now, do we get the flu shot for him? We got the regular flu shot and we're still debating on getting the H1N1 shot for us. My boy is scheduled to get his flu shot in a week, but we're not sure if we'll give him the H1N1 shot. The doctor says yes since he is in preschool, but we're a little hesitant.

Well, we have time, so we'll see what happens. I'm guessing we'll all probably get the H1N1 shot, but time will tell. By the way, a good little trick to get your kids to use soap and wash their hands is to sing the ABC's. Good luck!!!

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