Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pasadena Marathon - an excuse for neighbors to connect

Being parents to a little one with preschool, music classes, sports class, etc. we are not great at reading the newspaper on the weekend. We stay in touch with the world during the week scanning the NY Times, LA Times, CNN and for my wife, TMZ, daily during the week for news, but on weekends - forget it. Yes, we are ignorant folk. So, it was with surprise that we noticed cones and a port-a-potty on our street (thanks God, across the WIDE street) for the Pasadena marathon, which for the first time, had changed course and was coming down our street on Sunday.

At 7 a.m., just as my son was eating breakfast, we saw the first bicyclist come through. (See photo of the first bicyclist) It was so entertaining screaming and cheering them on. They needed and wanted it. We saw moms riding while pulling their babies in carts, we saw women with little dogs in baskets and, of course, serious riders that flew by at tremendous speeds. It was so exciting as many of our neighbors stood outside cheering them on. About two hours later, the runners came through as well (see photo). Again, I was so impressed with the diversity of the group, young kids, senior citizens, families, even those with political agendas like the photo above of the man wearing a dress to promote the legalization of gay marriage.
For the neighborhood, it was such a street party. We got to catch up with all our neighbors, a few of which we had not seen for a while - even though we wave daily as they drive by in their cars on the way to work. I made oatmeal cookies to share, one neighbor made chili, the kids handed out jolly ranchers to the runners for a mile 19 sugar burst, and the young ones played in the front yard watching the spectacle and happy all their families and friends were near was such a special experience. Yes, a modern day Mayberry!


  1. I''m glad your neighborhood welcomed the racers.

    My fav stage of the marathon was the post-marathon where I had brunch with some of my marathon runner friends.

  2. A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour..............................................