Wednesday, April 21, 2010

preschool menus full of fat

I was at my child's preschool today and was talking to a fellow parent who is taking a tour of preschools just to see what is out there. He was amazed to find that nearly all of the preschools he visited offered lunch for children that was full of fattening and preservative-laden foods. Now, I am not against french fries (in fact, I love them) and I am not against pizza, but I control the amount of pizza and fries my child eats in order to make sure he gets some fruit and veggies (okay, one day he'll eat his veggies, I just know it) in between. It really is a dilemma because there is one school in particular we both really liked, but worried about the food. So, I pose the the education as important as what they eat or is one more important that the other? Thoughts?


  1. Hello friends and family,
    Just wanted to let you know that PBS is airing the documentary Food, Inc tonight. It's a documentary about where our food comes from. It is extremely informative and well done. It's important for us to understand what is happening to our food here in the US. We owe it to ourselves, our children and our children's children to provide the best quality food/fuel for health and development. We hear so much about "healthcare costs" yet we fail to realize that 75 cents of every dollar spent on healthcare is spent on diseases caused by obesity. Our food supply is being stripped of all the nutrients and filled with chemicals. There should NOT be a need for food scientists to create a food!
    We must acknowledge the problem before it can be changed!
    Please take the time to watch this show tonight on PBS. Thank you!


  2. Is it more important what you feed your child's brain/mind or stomach/heart? Lemme know the answer if you find it.

    (Fyi, there will be a local blogger get together on May 8th)

  3. Yes, I couldn't agree with you more that we should feed our childrens' minds. My concern is that the schools are promoting obesity by providing unhealthy food. The majority of children in the U.S. are obese and overweight. If you get a chance, check out Jamie Oliver's show. He goes around the country educating schools on what they are feeding the children and then he revamps their menu. Very eye opening.