Monday, May 30, 2011

Go Karts!

Last weekend we took my 4 year old son to go bowling. We went to a new place and there happened to be a Go Kart place next door, so we walked in to see what they had to offer. It was your typical place that had mini golf and go karts, etc. We were going to turn around and go bowling, but we saw the dual seat go karts and my son was interested.

I opened my big mouth and asked him if he wanted to ride it, not thinking that he was too small or anything. At first, he wasn't sure. It was really loud and he thought it would be cool, but didn't know what to expect. Then after a conversation with my wife about safety, I decided to tell him that he was too small and that we would do it when he was older. The exact moment that I told him he could NOT do it, was when he said that he wanted to do it! Of course, when you tell a kid he can't do it, he wants to try it. Amazing. At that point, my wife said, well we have to do it now!

So, we did the go karts, I drove with him riding shot gun and my wife followed in a single behind us. At first he covered his ears and held on tight, but after the first lap, he was hootin' and hollerin' and wanted more! After the race, he wanted to do it again and I could see the adrenaline junkie wanted more.

We went again yesterday and he loved it. It was really cool to show him something new like that and see him go through the different emotions. I think my timid son might be breaking out of his shell and he may become a speed demon, with me behind the wheel of course.

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  1. Awesome! My kid loves racing!