Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paying off the Carnival Manager for an Angry Bird

On our way back from the Long Beach Sand Castle Competition, we stopped off an old fashioned beach-like carousel complete with random carnival games. One such random game was a new Angry Birds game where you have to push a plus Angry Bird doll off it's perch with a stick that I swear is too big for the hole in which it is supposed to go in, making people like me, who played about 10 times, suckers. We'll for the past 4 months, my four year old has been asking for an Angry Bird plush doll and when he saw the possibility of finally getting one, he insisted on using all remaining tokens on this game.

Of course, then the addiction began....and $20 later, we still had not won the Angry Bird plush that I swear cost .25 to make elsewhere. Seeing how sad my son was when he went to turn in 20 tickets for a plastic army soldier and plastic ball, I pulled a guy who worked there aside and said "you've seen us playing for over an hour, can I just buy one of these birds off you?" It didn't take long until the manager was opening the game and handing my a red angry bird, for a little bit of cash. Although I would not normally do this, the best part was that my son didn't see any of it, so he assumes we won it fair and square!! I know there is something bad in this story, but at the same time, I was able to talk to him about being persistent and not giving up....Ugh!!


  1. We had a similar situation this past weekend at the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, DE, where it seemed like every other carnival game had Angry Bird plushes as their prizes. After several tries (and about $15) at several booths, my 5 y.o. finally won a plush of one of the green pigs...much to the dismay of my 8 y.o. As a consolation prize, we got him an Angry Birds t-shirt at one of the shops...which cost just as much as the carnival games put together. Sheesh. The things we do for our kids...

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  2. Yes, we did the same thing - spent about $20 on the machine. I think the Angry Birds people owe parents a lot of money! :-)