Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer kid movies

Well, the news should actually be that we have a newborn in the house that is only 2 weeks old. Yes, that is true, but it has allowed my older son and me the chance to see some of the latest movies for kids that are out there.

The first one we saw this summer was Turbo. Good story about a snail that wants to go fast and ends up at the Indy 500. Dreamworks did a good job with this one and we all enjoyed it.

We saw Disney's Planes over the weekend and it was eerily similar to Turbo. Underdog makes good and beats the villan who cheats. Solid movie though.

Monsters University was the only other movie we saw this summer and it too was an enjoyable flic. Although I can't tell if our son liked the movies or eating popcorn with butter more.

We're looking forward to the next movie that comes out.  And, oh ya, I can't wait for our new baby boy to sleep through the night and I can't wait to take him to his first movie.

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