Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Day of School, Forgotten Camera

Yesterday was preview day at my son's preschool. Technically, it was the first day of school even though parents were able to attend the entire session. It will be different on Monday when our 2 year old faces school on his own. Hmm, he spent most of Friday clinging to my leg...wonder if it'll be the same on Monday. Remember to wear pants/shorts with tight waistband. It was supposed to be a special moment - a "first," but my wife and I hoped the experience we had would be our last. We committed the ultimate mistake - forgot to bring the camera. Well, a working one. See, ours broke and we forgot to get a new one in time for this momentous occasion. How could we have missed such a momentous day? Maybe we can recreate it on Monday, we thought. Then the calls started coming in from grandparents, aunts, uncles wanting to see photos. "What did he wear?" "Who is his teacher?" "Show us his backpack." My wife and I felt awful, but then we realized that we were more worried/sad/happy/nervous for our child and that doing what we could to prepare him for Monday, his first time alone without parent or nanny - fine, we're sure - is more important than feeling bad that we don't have photos. Call me rotten, but I'm hoping my child will start Monday excited, knowing that mom and dad love him and are hoping he meets great friends and learns to enjoy school. That would be a memory of a lifetime.

P.S. We're going to Target to get a camera today. (Photos of first day on Monday)

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