Saturday, November 21, 2009

Keith Urban in Pasadena at the Verizon Store!

We heard a rumor this weekend that country superstar Keith Urban was going to be in our neighborhood playing a free concert at the local Verizon store and thought we'd check it out. The concert was supposed to begin at 2 p.m. and we arrived at that time. As we searched for a parking space, I had visions of that U2 video "Where the Streets Have No Name" where the band sings on top of a building to thousands of people on the street below, yet as we drove up, there were probably only about 150 people total. I thought to myself, how could a Grammy award winning singer only attract 150 people? Was it just a the rumor after all? Yet, sure enough, there was a stage and Keith Urban posters everywhere. My wife, 2 year-old son and I waited about half an hour and about 30 minutes and another 300 or so people later, Keith Urban came out on stage- just a man and his guitar.
Now, I had seen Keith Urban perform on award shows and knew how talented he is, but I've never picked up one of his Cd's. Well, that was about to change. He sang five different songs, each sounding more top 40 than country. His voice was simply amazing. His guitar playing was unbelievable. (I should note that my two year-old never puts down his ukulele and was mesmerized by Keith and his guitar). Keith took questions, joked with the audience and even invited a young guy on stage to play guitar with him! My wife and I instantly became full-fledged Keith Urban fans, immediately heading to our local Target store to buy the Keith Urban Defying Gravity CD. That night, our two year-old played his ukulele to "I'm in" and "Kiss A Girl".
Not only was it a fun day for my family, but it was truly an amazing honor to be there and we're grateful to Keith and to Verizon for bringing that opportunity to us.

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  1. We're watching the American Music awards last night and my toddler made the funniest statement. Saturday we saw Keith perform at the Verizon store by himself on stage with his guitar. When we were watching the award show, he had his entire band with him. My son said, "Keith Urban has friends today.". We had to confirm my son's observation that Saturday Keith was by himself and that on tv he had his friends (band) with him on stage. Too funny!