Friday, July 22, 2011

Amazing Dinosaur Exhibit in LA

Grandpa came to town and mentioned the new dinosaur exhibit hall at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. Is that bad that I had not suggested it even though I live here? That's for another time. Let's chat about this exhibit because it rocks. Not only is it 14,000 square feet of fossils and amazing dinosaurs, but it is also the world's only Tyrannosaurus rex "growth series," which includes different T Rex's in different "ages and stages" - a 30-foot, 18-year-old; a 20-foot juvenile and an 11-foot baby. Apparently the museum is only half-way through a renovation that is going to see it nearly double in size. I wanted to read everything in the exhibit, but my four year old wanted to "ride the elevator." I'll have to go back by myself or with my wife so that I can read everything. Also, the exhibit is home to the Dinosaur Encounters, which is a "performance-based interpretive program that lets visitors get up close and personal with a realistic, life-sized juvenile T. rex." Working with paleontologists, engineers, artists, and puppeteers, the museum commissioned these huge dinosaur "puppets" that bring these prehistoric animals to life. "Terror and laughter exist side by side as the puppet roars, stalks, and bellows through our halls." Definitely worth checking out.

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