Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dog Walkers with Poop, I See You

Tuesday is garbage pick-up day and inevitably it takes me about a day or two before I wheel them back in mainly because I don't get home from work until a little late and we have a straight in driveway, which means, for me to pull in the cans, I have to move my wife's car and my car. And after working a long day, I'll admit that I am lazy to do this. (For the record, I do wheel them in the next morning). That said, that leaves my bins on the street two mornings each week. I live in a great neighborhood of friendly faces, moms and nannies stroll with kids and of course, people walking dogs. I love and appreciate it all. What I don't appreciate is the right that some dog walkers feel, to use my garbage bin for their dog's poop. I don't have a dog, even though my family really likes dogs, because we don't want to pick up poop. I am sacrificing many fun times my family could have with a dog because I don't want to pick up poop. So, my friendly neighbors, what makes you think I'd want your poop in my trash? I know who you are, I've seen you opening my bin and disposing of your blue or white or green bags, smelling up my bin. So, starting Tuesday, I will be posting a sign that says "Do not dispose of your dog's poop in my bin!" Wish me luck that our neighbors actually respect the sign.

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  1. I agree. Put your dog's poop in your own trash.