Sunday, August 9, 2009

Save Money by Testing Your Internet Speed!

I finally added my home phone line to Charter Communications to get a bundled price. Now I get my home phone, cable, and high speed internet from the same company. When the phone guy came out, he tested the speed of our internet and it was at 2 Mega bytes but we have been paying for 10 Mega bytes for the past couple years. No wonder our internet has been slow.

We went to to verify the connection speed and it was really slow. They dropped a separate line and did some things to increase the speed and now I'm getting what we have been paying for.

My wife called Charter and told them that we have been paying for 10 Meg and have only been getting 2 Meg. They put us on hold for a while and they finally said they would give us some credit. They went back and forth and they finally gave us 1 month free or a $36 credit on our account.

It doesn't hurt to ask!


  1. I have Comcast Cable and will be checking in on my speed tonight. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I'll be checking my speed as well as one computer is ultra fast and the other not so much (though both are less than two years old).

    Regarding your comment on my blog about following: I appreciate that you are trying to get known as a daddy blogger and that you are following me. Not that I am any kind of expert but here are my tips for getting more followers - Be active in the online community in commenting, and be genuine - trust me the poster knows if you didn't actually read the post but commented anyway (obviously you read my post and made a worthwhile comment :) I went from maybe 30 followers back in Feb to my current 102. I must be doing something right. Make sure you offer good fun posts or thought provoking posts or even posts that bring in a heated discussion. It draws readers in. As do stories about kid vomit, kid mishaps and outings gone awry with kids. ;)

    As for following - I would not recommend asking people to follow, at least for me it's a turn off. Since I haven't had internet I haven't been able to read your posts. For me I follow generally after a period of reading a site. They have to offer something I like on a regular basis. If I keep coming back for more I end up following.

    Don't take offense, I'm not saying I don't enjoy what I have read of your site, it's just the way I go about deciding who to follow. I know you didn't ask for my opinion about gaining readers, but aren't you thrilled I gave it to you anyway? ;)

    Have a great Sunday!