Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Bicycles equals Good Exercise!

So, for my birthday my lovely wife gave me the best gift ever! A brand new forest green three speed bicycle complete with Dreamer Design Executive Trailer. We have been talking about getting them for years and she finally pulled the trigger and now we all have a bikes.

We went for our first ride last weekend around the neighborhood for about 30 minutes. I was skeptical at first that Max would not go in the carrier, but after putting a kangaroo and a cat in there and a nice refreshing beverage, he was lured into the cave. He was like a king on his throne, just watching the world go by as we cruised around. It was nice to have a few speeds to play with on the bike, especially when we were going up hill. Next time we'll be a little more adventurous and go to the farmer's market or the Rose Bowl for a nice jaunt.
For those of you looking for a nice family activity, I highly recommend getting some bikes. Good times!!!


  1. Nice work on the bikes. We'll have to look into them too.

  2. I'm curious what kind fo traialer you got? We have a Chariot Corsaire XL and love it. Our small 7 year old and his 3 year old sister fit pretty well for long rides.

  3. Johnniejohnnie2002August 2, 2009 at 7:53 PM

    I'm inspired...

  4. The trailer we got is a Dreamer Design Executive trailer. It can fit one or two kids in it. It is very easy to assemble and attach to the bike. We actually just went for a 45 minute ride and it was great. It also folds up nicely to fit in the back of our SUV. Thanks for the post!

  5. How fun!!! I keep saying I will do this with my kids and I have no idea what is stopping me!! Maybe soon we will go for a family bike ride!I think they will love it...

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