Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

Let's face it. Father's Day is an important holiday, but one that does not seem to have so much forethought as Christmas. People spend months talking about Christmas, shopping at the mall for the perfect gift, but people always seem to be rushing to purchase gifts for Father's and Mother's Day. Thank goodness for the Internet! Not only has it made shopping easy, but its made shopping smarter, too. Sites like Red Envelope are great because they provide last minute shopping and shipping, and offer a variety of classic, fun and unexpected items. For example, the folks are Red Envelope were offering select dad bloggers an opportunity to experience Father's Day in a new way, inviting us to select any product for trial. Looking for an opportunity to do select something that created an experience for my and my family on MY DAY, I had a tough time choosing between the home brewing set (complete with mini keg), the family conversation table topics and the picnic backpack. We often visit the Huntington Gardens near our house and attend their summer concert series where we get to picnic while the kids run around on the park grounds, so I selected the picnic backpack. We have a picnic backpack that we typically use and I'll admit that I would not have purchased a new one had the Red Envelope offer not been extended, but I am definitely glad I chose it as an option. The entire backpack is insulated and stays nice and cool for nearly three hours! (Perhaps it stays cooler, but we only picnicked for three hours). The straps are extra thick making it easy to carry - I would even say comfortable enough for a long hike up the Rockies. The silverware is nice enough to elevate any wine and cheese picnic, but are not so heavy that you become angry at the manufacturer for not thinking about your needs - why put heavy silver when the product is going to be carried on your back. This blogger is traveling this week visiting relatives and is unable to upload the photos of our family picnic so I'm including a photo of the picnic from the site. However, I fully recommend this gift to anyone looking to give dad the perfect gift - one that naturally opens up the opportunity to get outside together and share time together.


  1. Beer keg looks cool.

  2. This made me recall Father's Day last year when my wife and kids took me to the parks and recreations in Glendale for a surprise. When we arrived there, everything was already prepared: the food, the gifts, even the place was decorated. One of the gifts was a camping bag complete with tools and stuff. I won't forget that day!