Sunday, June 20, 2010

Washington DC with toddlers

We were away from our computer for a little over a week visiting my two year old niece in Washington D.C. and my new, 3 week old niece in Omaha Nebraska. We had an amazing time as both cities offered tons to do for kids.
We started the trip on the plane, which was more fun for our three year old than anything else on the trip. When we arrived in DC, we traveled to Alexandria, Virginia, where my sister-in-law lives. We spent the first day touring the monuments. It was great fun for us - you get such a sense of history and magnitude when viewing the White House and all the important offices that surround it, the EPA, DOJ, etc. - and it gave the kids plenty of space to run around. We did an amazing amount of walking from the White House, to the Lincoln, Vietnam, and Korean War monuments. Although we had a stroller, both of the kids spent most of the day walking. The next day we visited Baltimore, MD - a short hour and a half drive from Alexandria - to visit the Smithsonian Train Museum. (Yes, my son still loves trains). From there we visited the Aquarium, which is a mix of a regular (amazing) aquarium and Sea World, complete with Dolphin and Shark shows. We wanted to visit the Spy Museum, but was told it was for kids starting around age 6, so we skipped it. (I've heard amazing things about it, so we'll be back in three years!) There were plenty of restaurants along the way that catered to kids and provided an all-around amazing experience. I worried my son as a little too young to fully enjoy DC, but he loved it - and having another 2 year old to wear him out, was a blessing!

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