Thursday, June 10, 2010


Pasadena Water and Power experts will teach residents how to outsmart the current water shortage at a free workshop Saturday, June 12, from 9 a.m. to noon at the Salvation Army Pasadena Tabernacle, 960 E. Walnut St.
The three-hour seminar will cover:

· Top 10 ways to save the most water and money indoors and out
· How to conduct a home water audit and compare yours to average and efficient homes
· How much water is right for your landscape
· How to keep your landscape healthy through the hot summer and change of seasons
· How to check for water leaks and what to do if you find one
· How to read your water bill and meter
· How to test your soil
· What alternatives to traditional landscaping work best for Pasadena’s climate
· What efficient irrigation devices like smart controllers and drip irrigation can do for you.

Each PWP customer who attends the workshop will receive a water-saver kit valued at $40, and PWP water customers will also have a chance to win a “smart” irrigation controller, with installation, worth $650.
PWP customers may register at or (626)744-3715.

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