Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cool Cake Pops and Delicious Food at Olive & Thyme

Cupcakes were cool a year ago, now cake pops are all the rage. Check out this one I got today for my son at Olive & Thyme. I don't know how the cake doesn't fall off the stick, but my son enjoyed it without having it fall on the floor. Speaking of Olive & Thyme....i went there for a lunch meeting in Burbank. It's incredible how much that area has changed and Olive &Thyme is leading the charge. It's this sophisticated, family owned restaurant and market that is the size of a small cafe that is reminiscent of a Santa Monica eatery, mixed in with a hip New York cafe with all the extras - oils, cookies, etc. The place was full of Burbank entertainment folks adding to the trendy atmosphere. The servers could be pretentious given the scene, but they were so nice - greeting everyone, attending to each of their guests. It was a very pleasant place with the understanding of the quick-in-and-out lunch crowd. I had a cobb salad - i never turn down items with bacon - and my colleague had a pulled pork sandwich. Both looked delicious. I wished I had ordered the pulled pork as soon as it arrived. it was stacked with meat on a delicious thick, barbecued bread. I'm going to have to find a reason to go back for the sandwich! In fact,

I can actually say that if I'm ever in the area, Olive & Thyme would be my place of choice.

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