Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pasadena Police Provide Quite a Show

When I heard there would be an open house at the Pasadena Police Heliport, I assumed it would be like any other affair. Parked police cars, a helicopter, etc. Boy was I wrong. The Pasadena Police Airborne unit put on quite a show - in fact, it was an experience. Sure they had about % helicopters parked for viewing, but they also had police cars, police motorcycles, swat mobiles and their K9 unit. They also were barbecuing hot dogs free to the public. But the really amazing part of the day was the dramatized swat team reenactment. Two cop cars and a swat team of about 12 reenacted a typical felony traffic stop. Yes, the reenactment included the swat team telling two men in a car in front of them to put their hands out the window and give up. They, of course did not, so the swat team through a fake bomb-type thing. The driver of the car emerged from the car, but began to shoot back (fake bullets that appeared to be nerf-like). The swat team fired a few as well, then took the man into custody. At that time a helicopter pulled into the field and out popped the k9 unit! The dog ran behind the police cars and arrived just in time! The second criminal opened the car door and tried to run, but the police k9 unit caught him and brought him down. It was the most exciting reenactment I've ever seen and the most fascinating police open house that I've ever been to. What an amazing day. Pasadena Police, sign me up for more open houses in the future!


  1. Wow, that sounds amazing! What an adventure for kids and adults.