Saturday, December 12, 2009

Roy's Hawaiian Knows How To Treat Toddlers

My wife and I had been talking about trying Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine, the newest restaurant in Pasadena, for a while now and we finally made it out last night. (Okay, the place opened about a year ago and we're just getting out to try it, but give us some slack.) We called ahead to make sure it was the kind of place we could bring a well-behaved toddler. Yes, miraculously, our screaming, fit-throwing toddler sits calmly when food is involved, but that is a discussion for another blog. We were told it was business casual, but because it was only about 5:30, we thought we'd be okay. There were no tables available, but Jessica, the manager who spoke to us on the phone, told us there were tables by the bar that were a perfect fit for a toddler (and of course anyone needing a drink after work). Although it was first come first serve, she offered to put menus down on a table for us if we could get there soon. Surprised someone would be so nice, we hopped in the car and raced over. As soon as we arrived, Jessica greeted us and told us she had pre-ordered a cheese quesadilla and carrots and celery slices as a little "starter" for our two year old. Parents out there- can you believe that? Food was coming for our potentially squirmy combustible the minute we sat down!! And to top it off, Jessica brought us a cup of milk with our child's name written on it. Being that it is Christmas time, I swear she was an angle from above...either that or we were on some sort of training video. We hadn't even eaten yet and our experience was amazing. We then proceeded to order and had the nicest waiter imaginable. The food arrived promptly. We looked at the menu and I had a rib - eye in a burgundy/blue cheese sauce with a spinach, mushroom and potato mash that was out of this world. My wife, a true meat eater, had short ribs that she said were the best she had ever had - which is saying something. We topped the meal with a delicious chocolate souffle (yes, we were pigging out, we admit it) and they brought our son, as part of his kid's meal, a scoop of ice cream and a chocolate chip cookie. (Okay, parents, we're not usually this piggie, but we decided to splurge on our night out - my son had toast and milk and fruit for breakfast this morning to make up for it). Now, it was not the cheapest place in the world, but I have truly never experienced such nice people and amazing service as I did at the Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant in Pasadena. To Jessica's boss, please know that you have an amazing manager running your restaurant. To everyone at Roy's, we'll be seeing you again soon!


  1. I love Roys! My husband and I ate there on our honeymoon in Kauai almost 5 years ago...we still haven't made it over to the one in Phili 40 mins away but I still think about that meal!

  2. That's good news to know about Jessica! If only every restaurant had at least one person like that in a customer service positon.