Saturday, December 12, 2009

Roy's part two - my son caught you using the wrong bathroom

As a brief follow up to the story below, I want to thank those of you who went or almost went into the incorrect bathrooms at Roy's. You provided some great laughs!
To bring you up to speed, our table was somewhat close to the bathrooms - not entirely, but close enough for us to explain to our two-year-old the difference between M and W.
I even took my son into the M (men's bathroom) to wash our hands before dinner. Throughout the night, we must have spotted 5 men passing the M, and almost walking into the W and what made it funny, was that our toddler caught each of them. He would stand up on his little chair (okay, sorry for the bad manners) and with eyes wide open and finger pointed would say, "mama and papa, he went to the wrong door." To make the men feel better, there was one woman who saw the M, but was afraid to enter the W because she was looking for an "F". She thought it was "M" for male and was looking for an "F" for female. Shocking, but hysterical for us to watch.

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  1. That's too funny!! I have nightmares about going into the wrong one!! Thanks for stopping by both my blogs...the second was not supposed to be published yet-- but I was updating my list and talking on the phone...guess I hit Publish...I am going to delete and polish it a bit more. Was the vampire kit )twighlight?) I don't have anyone to buy for that would use that...but I have a suggestion...give it away on your blog. OK long comment...should have e-mailed but you have your google account set to non reply and no e-mail listed. Have a great week!!