Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blog Giveaways Addict

I have a problem. Not a problem I am going to change, but one I can at least acknowledge.
I am addicted to blogger giveaways.
I began checking out other blogs when I knew I wanted to start blogging. I wanted to learn from them, but also support the mom/dad blogger community. Little did I know I would discover the world of giveaways. Books, pens, coffee, yogurt - I enter them all! And the addiction is spreading throughout my family.
This morning, my wife logged onto my computer to check out movie times and saw I had minimized 8 blogs. She began clicking on the links and about an hour after she went in the room to check movie times, I went to check on her. She, too, had fallen into the trap of giveaways. In that one hour, she manages to enter 10 giveaways! Not once within the hour did she check out the movie times.
Although I regret spending so much time entering (a task I usually do late at night after our two year old is asleep), I have won a lot of cool stuff and amazing experiences (Disney on Ice tickets, Ringling Bros. tickets, Zicam, etc.....) for my family. I am grateful for those opportunities and am grateful to the companies and the bloggers who open themselves up to share that experience with us. Gotta run now, more giveaways await!


  1. u have to check out my giveaway then haha..its a good one...

  2. I love being able to host giveaways, it's so nice to share the products I use with my readers...I've also won quite a few.

  3. Ah. The time consuming giveaways! I, too, used to spend hours upon hours entering giveaways. It's addicting once you actually win one.

    These days I'm lucky to host my own, however, I still miss getting "You won" email in my inbox. :)

    Hey Momma Findings has some good ones if you wanna kill some time today. *wink*

  4. You can win a fabulous prize by being the first to guess correctly on Tuesdays -- "Mystery History" day on my blog!

  5. Me too! :) I love that You Won!! e-mail so much!!