Saturday, May 1, 2010

dad/son cooking class at Paintbox Kids

This morning, I joined about 10 other dads and their sons for a dad/son cooking class that was offered at Paintbox Kids in North Pasadena. This quaint little art studio is typically known for its art classes, but periodically holds unique toddler/child and parent classes like a mother/daughter tea and this morning's cooking class. Before you get excited, we aren't talking Le Cordon Bleu, but rather simple apple burritos and a vegetable and bean tostada, but the point was that my son and I had a great time using our plastic knives to cut an avocado slice into smaller pieces, and pulling the cilantro leaves off the stem. And, what was even more rewarding was to see the joy all the other dads had doing it with their kids as well. As we parents know, it's about the time we spend together that is special, not necessarily the activity itself.


  1. Cooking moments between daddies and their kids have never looked this cute! And to think that these kind of bonding activities between boys is such a rare thing. I've also known some respected people who has activities that is far from their profession. Like Michael Geffrard who is a successful businessman, and yet he's into cooking. I think it's their own way of making themselves relaxed like you guys did.