Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rose Bowl Stadium Games

The Legendary Rose Bowl stadium opened its doors to the public today in what can only be summed up as a day full of fun for the entire family. The purpose was to discuss renovations of the 87 year old stadium and landmark. I'll admit I was curious to see what was included in the renovation and assumed there were major changes coming and that all the fun and games were on site to make people feel better about the situation, however, I was very wrong. Changes are being described as opportunities to "enhance historic appeal, the fan experience and the operational capacity of the Rose Bowl" yet, in the grand scheme of stadium renovations, the public will barely notice a difference. I understand the value of the beautiful stadium and am not advocating for major changes that would not only change the stadium, but the beautiful arroyo area, but frankly, I think the stadium needs a little more updating than what sounds like is being proposed. It is bittersweet though, because the stadium is a landmark. I've lived in the area for 15 years and still glance to the side toward the stadium when passing it on the 210 freeway. However, from inside, you see how old and in need of repairs it is. Improvements will include new luxury boxes, better seats and other "operational concerns." We'll see if the Rose Bowl improvements actually do extend the life of the stadium for future generations as they claim. Guess you can say the Roman Coliseum is still standing generations later, but you can't play a football game in it - or sit comfortably while attempting to do so.

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