Sunday, May 16, 2010

Toddler's First Swim Class

Our toddler is three years old and although we do not have a pool, we have friends and family who do, so we enrolled him in a swim class at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. (I know it sounds fancy, but really it's kind of like Pasadena's community pool - a nice one with lots of good swimmers and then ordinary people like me and my on-his-way-to-Olympic gold, my three year old toddler...) The teacher is an incredibly patient and kind young lady named Carrie who literally had 10 different ways of asking a toddler, who wasn't up for anything, the same thing. "Can you blow bubbles? Can you hum? Can you say brrr underwater?" No, apparently my son cannot. It wasn't that my son was being rude, he was scared and did not want to leave my side, but I could not help but feel bad that we spent 45 minutes in the water with Carrie and only accomplished two of the 10 tasks she attempted to get our little one to do. I've signed him up for a few more classes and have faith that he'll get acclimated to the situation. When we left he said "bye Carrie" and when she did not hear him, he said it again while waving his hand - "Bye Carrie!!!" as if desperate to get her attention - which in toddler speak means he's gotten used to his new "coach" and may be ready to swim. Updates to come....


  1. That's such great news. your first swim toddler lesson and it actually went well. Mine went badly - everything that could go wrong did... you're very lucky.

  2. Thanks for the post. The first one went well, but a lot of the following ones were awful. He would only go in with us and screamed the rest of the time. We'll give it a shot next summer!